Ventilators For Sale (ICU Breathing Medical Ventilator)


Ventilators For Sale (ICU Breathing Medical Ventilator)

Ventilators For Sale (ICU Breathing Medical Ventilator)
Lung ventilator machine, Salable cheap price ICU breathing medical ventilator

1. Pneumatically driven electrically controlled ventilator, can be used for emergency clinical resuscitation and respiratory therapy
2. Display: High visibility, wide angle LED alphanumeric data display, equipped with tactile analog parameter controls
3. Equipped with high precession infrared turbine pressure and flow sensors
4. Power failure support functions: Automatically converts to standby mode during AC power outages
5. Nonhazardous environmentally friendly frame, precise construction, elegant design, equipped with automated self-checking function during startup and an automatic self-calibrating sensor
6. Alarms: Audible and/or visual alarms for tidal volume, airway pressure, power failure oxygen failure and other alarms.
7. 9 Level adjustable humidifier


Model: 500

Display: LED

Ventilation Mode: A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, MANUAL

Minute Volume: Greater than or equal to 18L

Back-up Power Supply: At least 4 hours

Tidal Volume: Adjustable range: 50-1500ml, Display range: 0-2000ml

Output Oxygen Concentration: <50% Respiratory Rate: 6-60bpm Pressure Limit: 1-6kPa Inspiratory/Expiratory (I:E) Ratio: 1:1.5-1:3.0 PEEP: 1-10cmH2O SIMV Rate: 1-12bpm Inspiratory Pressure Trigger: .-4-10cmH2O Maximum Safe Operating Pressure: ≤6.0 kPa SIGH: 1 sigh breath in every 80-120 breaths Airway Pressure Alarm: Upper Limit: 0.9~5.4kPa, Lower Limit: 0.5kPa Gas Supply Requirement: 280~600 kPa medical grade oxygen


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