Pedal Exerciser Bike Hand Arm Leg and Knee Peddler


Pedal Exerciser Bike Hand Arm Leg and Knee Peddler

Pedal Exerciser Bike Hand Arm Leg and Knee Peddler
Adjustable Fitness Equipment, for Seniors, Elderly Home Pedal Exercise Bike for Total Body
【Adjustable Design】The classic model – upper and lower limb rehabilitation machine has adjustable tension and height to let you work arms and legs for safe, low-impact exercise all from the comfort of your chair or sofa.
【Made for Exercise at Home】Family rehabilitation is a practical and effective rehabilitation pattern. This home physiotherapy station, covers an area of small, simple structure and reasonable. Compact design makes it easy for moving or storage, you can hide it away in the room corner. Recommend wearing gloves when assembling.
【Lightweight and Easy to Use】 Mini exercise bike is compact designed, sturdy carbon steel construction with rubber pedals and slip-resistant feet keeps stable, reinforce security. The base of the exerciser which is conveniently outfitted with four anti-slip rubber, an anti-skid mat and an extra strap. The adjustable foot band can flexibly adapt to users’ feet of different sizes to meet different needs. Just slide your feet in and go! It’s a great cardio workout for upper and lower body.
【Good for Lifelong Exercise】 With this mini bike pedal exerciser, you can exercise both your arms, legs, and knees when you are chatting or watching TV. Daily exercise can improve joint flexibility, accelerate limb function recovery, increase muscle strength, reduce paralysis, and improve blood circulation. This little gadget makes a good present for the elderly.
【NOTICE】Heat is a normal phenomenon during use, do not touch after prolonged use. If you received the Pedal Exerciser Bike missing hardware, please contact us by email, we will send you the hardware. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to do whatever we can do to help you out. We sincerely hope our products and customer service can give you the BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE on.

Classic Model – Upper and Lower Limb Rehabilitation Machine Please read through this user manual before using the product. Engineered for Physical Therapy at Home The Exercise Pedal Bike can be moved around home with ease as it is supremely compact, portable and lightweight. All you have to do is find a comfortable corner, sit on a chair, switch on your favorite TV program and start peddling. It is a great way to get your blood circulated and your muscles toned. Make exercising simple and easy, safe and stable with this mini exercise peddler. Why do you buy our Total Body Exercise Peddler? Well, Let’s find out the answer by witnesses’ expressions! Fiona: I had a large bicycle machine that did all kinds of things but was too bulky and very expensive. I bought another which was just a pedal thing that I kept under my table and pedaled away as I sat there, but found it kept sliding away under the table where I couldn’t reach it. I bought this Total Body Exerciser because it had hand and arm pedals also and gives me more exercise (upper and lower extremity) at the same time. It is a bit flimsy in the construction but when tightened up does the job and is easy for me to handle, takes a smaller space than the bulky expensive one I had before. Equipped with an anti-skid mat and an extra strap is provided for securing. I keep it beside my kitchen table where I sit a lot and just pull it around and get some exercise while sitting. For survivors or elderly a little gadget make a good gift. Start click the “Add to Cart” button now! IMPORTANT: 1. This product is NOT designed for rigorous use. It is for gentle low impact exercise. 2. Do not stand on the pedal. 3. Before using the product, please make sure that all screws, nuts, knobs, frames, and brackets have been fixed. 4. The maximum weight of the user is 200 pounds.


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