Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
The Inogen One G5 exemplifies Inogen’s spirit of innovation and dedication to designing products specifically for the end consumer, the oxygen therapy user, while also taking into account the needs of the homecare provider.
Inogen One G5 offers the most oxygen per pound for a portable oxygen concentrator on the market today.
With its compact and lightweight design, the Inogen One G5 provides varying flow settings from 1-6 and is designed for 24-hour use, dramatically increasing your patients’ independence. This POC’s user interface has been designed with easy-to-read LCD displays and simple control functions.
The Inogen One G5’s user control panel has been designed with an easy-to-read LCD display and simple push-button control functions. The G5 concentrator battery can be charged at home or on the go – giving you the freedom to run errands, visit loved ones, or take a vacation.
Inogen’s patented Intelligent Delivery Technology ensures your oxygen therapy is delivered efficiently and effectively in all modes of use. In fact, the Inogen One’s oxygen delivery systems are clinically proven to provide the necessary oxygen for most ambulatory patients during all phases of daily activity and during sleep.

Intelligent Delivery Technology at Night:
Unlike other oxygen systems, such as portable tank oxygen systems, or even some other portable oxygen concentrator brands, the Inogen One is one of the only portable oxygen systems proven to work for users during rest, exertion, and sleep.
As your breathing rate slows, Inogen’s Intelligent Delivery Technology increases each oxygen bolus dose.
The G5 detects even shallow mouth breaths at night and triggers a bolus dose of oxygen based on a fixed minute volume.
So what does this mean for you? For most, oxygen systems like the Inogen One G5 can be your single solution and primary oxygen delivery supply, both day and night.
Now you can reduce or eliminate your daily need to rely on other oxygen systems and tanks and use just the G5 portable oxygen system.

The Inogen One G5 meets FAA requirements.
The Inogen One G5 offers an impressive 1,260 mL of oxygen output per minute, 6 oxygen flow settings, and weighs only 4.7 pounds with the 16-Cell battery, making it the most powerful Inogen model and most powerful oxygen concentrator available among lightweight, compact models. The Inogen One G5 also boasts a longer battery life than all other models, allowing you to more freedom in your day-to-day activities and for extended travel, removing barriers to a vibrant, active life.

Flow settings 1 – 6, delivers double the amount of oxygen over Inogen One G4
Longer battery life – at setting 2, a 16-Cell battery runs for up to 13 hours
Can be charged at home or in the car while in use or not
Designed for low and hi-flow oxygen users
Utilizes Inogen’s Intelligent Pulse Delivery Technology
Bluetooth enabled and can be monitored via the Inogen Connect App
Standard 5-year warranty
Inogen One G5 Package with 16-Cell Double Battery Includes:
16 cell Battery
AC Power Supply & Cord
DC Power Cable
Carry Bag
User Manual
Official Inogen One G5 Concentrator
One Double Battery
(1) Nasal Cannula (7ft. Soft-style)
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